Thursday, July 30, 2015

Lenny & Jamal spotted doing unconventional squat workout

                                Showboating or squatting?

With the Uni 15s just around the corner, SMU Rugby players have been seen working hard outside of the regular field sessions doing track work and pumping iron in the gym. These individual sessions have been emphasised months ago and it is heartening to see the players displaying discipline and grit by clocking in the hard yards and gains progressively.

Just this evening, SMUrugbyNews correspondents spotted 2 of our stars squatting outside the safe confines of the gym environment. Unsupervised gym or squat sessions is something we do not tolerate and these 2 players will definitely be served a hefty fine from the club. What made the situation worse than it already was is that they decided to start their sets in front of a group of freshmeat freshmen at BONDUE Camp.

SMUrugbyNews managed to catch the duo for their comments on the matter.

SMUrugbyNews: What were you two thinking?

Jamal: Well the gym did not have enough weights to add to my last few sets. I had to improvise. Lenny was the closest person that seemed like a challenge as Mongoose was busy as always with the freshmeat freshmen.

Lenny: Sorry mate. I was following the lead of Jamal. He said the only way he can play Number 8 again was to get some explosive squats going. Sorry once again mate.

SMUrugbyNews will be investigating this matter further and issue and updated statement in the next 24 hours.

              Jamal opting for the assisted squat for his last set

                         Lenny feeling the lactic acid build up

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