Thursday, July 2, 2015

Of Cosplay, Summer and Sports Camp

Ask any SMU student or rugger on campus what was their most memorable experience during summer and most would say the drinking, girls, internship, drinking after an internship workday, meeting girls after an internship workday or a commensuration of the two latter.

There is however, a rare breed of individuals who step out of their comfort zone and make the most out of their summer through the annual SMU Sports Camp.

SMU Sports Camp has the highest sign up rate on campus and proves year after year to be the most fun and memorable camp to be at before jumping into the 4 years of euphoria that SMU has to offer.

SMU Rugby has always played an integral part of the camp. We are proud of our boys who step up and make a difference to the new batch of incoming freshmen to our beloved institution.

SMU Sports Camp 2015 seems to be hyped up to be the biggest edition yet, with a name like REKT (Which we believe is an acronym for the words, Responsibility, Efficiency, Knowledge and Trust) who can deny this is the camp to be seen at.

SMU Rugby is proud to say it has 13 (YES THIRTEEN!) members part of the Sports Camp 2015 crew. They range from being Organising Committee Members, Facilitators, Clan Heads or even just as Helpers.

Out of these 13, 8 are facilitators and clan heads - the most sought after role in Sports Camp. Candidates for these positions had to go through a very rigid and impartial selection process to earn the title of "Camp Faci".

SMUrugbyNews is proud to present to you the Ruggers of Sports Camp 2015! - seen below in full glory and costume.

        Benjamin Choy 

 Cho Hyung Jin

   Marcus Ang

     Vijay Thomas


    Joel Low



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