Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Old is Gold - Jesse Quek called back to represent BONDUE at IFG Touch Rugby

                Jesse(3rd from right) seen with his BONDUE comrades

Saturday, 24th January at Republic Polytechnic Field. City Boy senior, Jesse Quek received a surprise call from BONDUE, the Business School student body to represent them at the annual Inter-Faculty Games (IFG) Touch Rugby tournament.

Quek, who last put on the BONDUE shirt in 2012 as a Sophomore found it tough to put it back on again over the weekend, requesting a fresh shirt mere minutes before kick off.

When SMUrugbyNews contacted BONDUE, they had this to say,

"Jesse Quek is a man of class. He has been with the BONDUE IFG Team since its dark ages, when we could never win and always finish at the tail end of the competition. Jesse has seen the BONDUE IFG Team achieve success and stand together in failure. We needed a man of his capability and knowledge." 

- Kor Porat Kom, BONDUE PR Executive

SMUrugbyNews understands that the average age of the BONDUE team was 21years old. Veteran Quek, who still remains youthful at 26 years old stood out amongst these younglings. Showcasing his silky hands and ballerina feet throughout the tournament, Quek inspired his team mates and eventually brought them to victory, defeating SOSCIETY by a close margin.

                              Quek executing the classic, "Show & Go"

SMUrugbyNews managed to speak to an elated Quek after the tournament, covered in champagne and confetti.

SMUrugbyNews: Congrats Jesse! How does it feel to be back in BONDUE Blue?

Quek: F*cking amazeballs! I was sitting by the Farrer Park Longkang fishing for Ikan Bilis and I got the call up. I never thought this day would come again! My BONDUE blue days seemed like something of the past, but when BONDUE calls, will you answer?

SMUrugbyNews: How was it playing with players 6-7 years younger than you?

Quek: These kids are something special. They are a different breed, their hunger and drive is something that set them apart from the rest of the competition. I felt like Stephen Donald out there over the weekend, coming on to the squad at such a late stage of the competition and making it count when I needed to.

 Quek compared his performance to Stephen Donald during the 2011 Rugby World Cup

So there you have it folks, a story that raised a faculty off their feet and shook the halls of the library. Congrats to Quek & Team Bondue for winning the IFG Touch Rugby tournament over the weekend!

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