Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Player of the Week - Benedict Koh

With the season just around the corner, the City Boys have been seen hitting the gym and field hard in preparation. With the pre-season transfer window coming to a close, speculation has been rife about last minute signings and strategic secret deals.

Earlier this week, rumours began to surface of a new face in the SMU locker rooms. Spotted ordering his daily intake of protein at the Koufu western stall, the mysterious SMU secret weapon has aroused much speculation.

Some of the more learned pundits in the matriculating JD Law batch were especially excited by this latest development. Our SMU JD correspondent, Ben Teong, caught up with them to bring you this latest scoop. All names and identities have been concealed to preserve the sanctity of life on campus.

BT: So I heard that you girls have spotted a mysterious new hunk around campus?
JD Babe 1: Yes! I saw a handsome one today.
JD Babe 2: Haha! Naisee

BT: What did he look like?
JD Babe 1: Hmm… Tanned, dark and muscular. He was queueing at the Koufu Western stall chatting up a posse of girls. He looked rather young though!
JD Babe 3: Age is immaterial. It is my professional opinion as a future lawyer that eye candy is eye candy.

BT: You got that right; I believe I speak for all rugby players when I say that “Just Matriculated” or MILF, eye candy is eye candy. Any further description? I think our fans are dying for more info.
JD Babe 1: I don’t remember anything except that he was really handsome. I have to see him in person, and perhaps grab his biceps to confirm?

BT: You have SMU Rugby’s official permission to grab his biceps anytime!

With the hype around the City Boys’ new signing obviously reaching a fever pitch, we felt now would be a good time to “reveal the goods”. We present to you our latest pre-season secret weapon, Benedict “The Beast” Koh.

Name: Benedict “The Beast” Koh
I’m new to rugby. Regarding positions, I really don’t know, but I’m sure I’ll be adept at any positon required.
(Editor’s note: Now I’m sure that’s exactly what our female fanbase would love to hear!)Height: 175cm
Weight: 84kg
Whether it’s hitting the gym, or partying it up in style, I love doing it to the hottest EDM tracks!

With his first trainings with SMU Rugby under his belt, Benedict has shown promise with his solid build and great fitness. When asked for his thoughts, Benedict commented: “Despite the shag physicals that our coaches throw at us, it’s been great fun. When Rex (SMU Rugby Backs Coach) tossed in that extra sprint yesterday, it came as a shock, but I’m always ready to go the extra round for the team.”

We at SMU Rugby would like to extend a warm welcome to our official new signing; we are always glad to have more good-looking lady killers on the team!

Stay tuned to SMU Rugby News for more pre-season player highlights!

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