Sunday, November 11, 2007

SMU boys in SEA games squad

Desmond Wee : Made his debut appearance for Singapore in 2001, in the Hong Kong 7s

Daniel Marc Chow: Made his debut appearance for Singapore in 2005, in the Sri Lanka 7s

The SEA games selection is out and SMUrugby is proud to announce that two of our very home grown talents have made it to the squad, Desmond Wee and Daniel Marc Chow(DMC).

Not surprisingly, Desmond Wee, who has been a regular fixture in the Singapore team since making his debut in 2001 in the Hong Kong 7s was named in the squad. The Weezer has had a tough road from a career ending injury back in the Singapore 7s in 2005, when he got 'testified' by a Kenyan player that resulted in a knee injury that put him out of action for almost a year. Ever since then, the Weezer, who is self proclaimed to be "F*cked up" has had a rocky road to finding the fine form he used to have.

Having gone through "a half-F*ck" rehabilitation for the knee surgery, the Weezer never had a full recovery, resulting in multiple freak injuries over the past 2 years. Despite the doctor's advice to rest, the Weezer was constantly found stubborn and spotted getting his feet tangled playing a sport he barely can - soccer.

Last year, Desmond was rumored to consider making a switch from rugby to soccer. But the dream was certainly short-lived, as the soccer coaches were clearly disappointed and described him to be a clumsy midfielder who had no sense of accuracy and a pair of left feet. Our sources reported that Desmond 'shot himself in the foot'(literally) when he strained his knee while attempting to blast a shot into an open goal, resulting the latter's foot to find nothing but a perfect strike to the ground, sending him crashing to the ground.

In addition to list of injuries, the rugby star was also seen injuring himself in a freak accident while playing touch rugby at SMU Campus green last October. He was described to have sped past his defenders to score the try, but forgot to pull the 'brakes' when he ran off the field onto the pavement only to slip and fall (with a dramatic 360 degrees spin in the air), smashing his head on to the concrete floor - suffering from a mild concussion.

After going through much counseling, Desmond "I'm still F*cked" Wee has finally got a clear head and vision to where he truly belongs and is all set to get back on the rugby field to do what he does best. A rugby player of immense talent and experience, Desmond is a utility back for the Singapore team and will prove to be a huge asset to any team. He will certainly be one of the players to watch during this upcoming SEA games in Thailand and we wish him and DMC all the best!

Player Profile: Desmond Wee aka Dezzo/The Weezer/The Mo
Age: 23
Position: Centre/Winger/Scrumhalf
Others: Dezzo is often caught trying to ‘model’ after his elder brother, Colin Wee
(picture below), who was a former international catwalk model. However, the rugby star insists he IS the better looking between the two.
Disclaimer: This is NOT Desmond Wee

Our verdict: Desmond needs to get a grip!

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