Saturday, November 17, 2007

The Disgrace, The Unbelievable and The Shocker

As we approach our 3000th Refresher...we thought we should thank our faithful readers for all the support you have given us. While we take a break for the exams, we leave you with some photos and brief profile of some of our rugby players...and hope you will still continue to support us even after viewing them.

Lim Wei Ming - a fine young man who is currently a Dean's Lister and who is also the younger brother of the former AC legend Lim Eu Ming. The second rower has proven to be a hardworking player on the field and the field.

Lionel Kong - SMU Sports Union(SSU) President. LK who is a star player for the school's soccer team and and possibly the quickest winger in the rugby team, spends most of his time on the field trying to make sure he doesn't mess up his hair while playing...well...its not so easy after all

Desmond Wee - Tries to follow the footsteps of his elder brother, former international catwalk model, Colin Wee. But turns out...

Well you know what they call the Weezer

Chong Wei Nurn (photo behind) - One of the surviving old guards in the SMU team, Wei Nurn has one more year left on his contract with the City Boys and has recently expressed strong desires to renew it for an additional year, for apparently a new found love.

Matthias Lim (photo front) - Newcomer Matty, who is in the running for "Most Dedicated Player 2007/2008" has been rumored to be linked to the reasons why WN wishes to renew his contract.
[Absolute Disgrace!]

Vicknesh Sellathurai - We don't blame you if you didn't believe he was 140kg in College and in Secondary School.

Daniel Marc Chow (DMC) - DMC, better known to ex-cons as Big Daddy, has NEVER faced a problem getting past the immigration counters and they CERTAINLY! DO NOT think that he looks like a possible terrorist.
We once again wish him all the best on his travel up to Thailand. You'll need it.

This Final Exam Edition is proudly brought to you by Insider Sources and "Rumor has it"

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