Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Newsflash: The Scoop on the Refresher

As promised, the next episode in our series on the secret lives of the City Boys will feature none other than the club's captain, Amos "the Refresher" Siow.

While SMU's inspirational leader has been strutting his business on the field, few know what he actually does OFF the field, and much to this reporter's surprise, an unexpected radio show featuring the Refresher himself was broadcast all across campus. Expecting the broadcast to publicise the City Boys' latest achievements, imagine our shock when Amos went on to talk about his 6-pack?!?

Read on for the exclusive transcript of the interview....

- - - - - - - - - -
Q: When did you start having a six pack?
A: I did not set out specifically to train to get a six pack. However, it helped when I was with the track team in Secondary school where the training was pretty rigourous.

Q: Then what's your diet like?
A: I take 4-5 meals a day but definitely no supper for me. As an athlete, I have to be very watchful over what I eat. Yeah if you catch me eating in the school kopitiam, i would probably be eating Yong Tau Hu. That's pretty much what's available in school that I can eat.

Q: I would trade my six pack for...
A: An eight pack.


- - - - - - - - - -

While the interview may have been shocking in itself, it was utterly disgraceful when we found out that the Refresher then suggested a contest be created to decide who had the nicest 6-packs in school, suggesting that it would be a no-contest since an athlete's abs like his could not possibly lose. Sensing a scoop, our friendly radio DJs agreed and this is the result:

Upon the release of the contestants, Amos was overheard (in Kopitiam while eating Yong Tau Hu) saying to fellow teammate Mok (who is reported to be hanging around Amos more recently),

"You don't know which one is mine? Aiyah, just choose the nicest one and confirm it's mine lah."

Clearly, the words of a humble man. To add on to controversy, more and more photos of Amos which have been described as "private bedroom photos" have been making their way around the internet, and with them, allegations questioning Amos' preferences. While his representative claims that these photos were taken in the "spur of the moment" and "were never meant to be seen by public eyes", Amos could not be reached for further comment.

You decide for yourself what to make of the photos.

When contacted about the recent unearthings in Amos' lifestyle, the management of SMU had this to say:

"How our players behave off the field is none of our concern. As long as Amos continues to deliver the goods on it, we will continue to support him whole-heartedly in his endeavours, unusual or otherwise."

With that, we'd like to wish Amos Siow all the best in the upcoming IRAUG games, and hope that he and squad captain Lionel "the Robber" Poh can sort out their differences in time to bring back some long-awaited silverware for the City Boys.

Name: Amos "the Refresher" Siow
Age: 22
Position: Centre/Winger
Others: Often confused with National Sprinter Poh Seng Song whilst in secondary school, Amos has carved out his own name and is now likened more to Japanese superstar Hidetoshi Nakata. Minus the cross-dressing.

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