Saturday, November 24, 2007

Save Alex "the" Ong Campaign

Late last night, SMUrugby press was alerted of a possible crisis involving one of the City boy's most talented player, Alex "the" Ong. Little has been revealed to the press regarding the nature of the crisis, however rumor has it that the star fullback has been expressing constant unhappiness at the club and is looking to move else where.

(Above: NUS's manager Valmiki C Nair caught by the paparazzi with Alex Ong. A possible transfer to NUS?)

An unknown University based in the Southern Province of China has already been linked to the player, and apparently NUS has been quick to try to engage the player's agent to formulate a possible transfer.

This morning, worried fans were reported to be standing outside the Home of the City Boys with signboards, protesting against the possibility of the departure of Alex Ong.

Sign boards read "Save Alex Ong!", "Alex is THE Ong!", "Help yalex! (just to name a few)

While the player could not be contacted for comments, the management was quick to assure the fans and the team,

"Alex Ong is our #1 fullback and he is not for sale."

However the board confirmed the crisis that the player is facing is real in nature and would appreciate fans and fellow team-mates helping him through these difficult times. The University Players' Association (UPA) has also stepped in upon hearing the news and has taken action in garnering support for the lad - with "Save Alex Ong" Campaign.

Speaking to the press, Chairman of UPA said,

"...the objective of the campaign serves to keep the fullback at SMU and support him through these difficult times. We strongly encourage all of his fans, friends and team-mates to get behind him to give him the support he needs..." (murmurs: And remind him that the final exams are next week and he needs to study!)

To show your support by donating to the "Save Alex Ong" Campaign,
please dial, 1800-911-2525-ALEXTHECHAMPION, or simply hit us on our tag board.

Player Profile: Alex "The" Ong aka yalex
Position: Fullback/Centre/and sometimes by his own demand #8
Former Clubs: ACS(I) and ACJC

Boast of an IQ of 250. Alex is brother to former NTU centre Alan 'lan qiao' Ong.

One of the most under-rated players in his age-group, Alex now prefers to play against ONLY "sure win" teams.

Also, the latter is a big lover of Chinese Songs and would rather carry out conversations and interviews with SMUtv in his native tongue, Bahasa Bangla.

And we forgot to mention, he aspires to be a professional "Body" surfer some day ...

With these photos, it's probably safe to say that talks with NUS probably didn't work out??

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