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The Singapore Management University (SMU) Rugby Team was formed in 2005. It started off as a social touch rugby team, welcoming people who were inspired to have a small taste of the hectic life of being a “rugby player”.

In that very same year, the team from the City Campus decided to compete for higher honors in the inaugural Inter-Varsity Rugby Championships, which is better known now as the Tri-Uni Rugby Championships, after the polytechnic teams pulled out from the competition.

In previous years, the team has risen in standings and labeled as the infamous ‘Second-runners up’ of the Tri-Uni Championships, playing second-fiddle to the two traditional rugby powerhouses, NUS and NTU. Legendary NTU utility back, Daniel “Potato’ Thiam(left), once mentioned to the press, “The Tri-Unis needed at least 3 teams...and we needed a team to whoop and SMU was it.”

In response to the critics of being the weeping boys, in 2006, SMU dug into their finances and got busy in the summer, signing players across the country. Signings include former Rafflesian Flanker, Shen Sijie aka The Animal/Wolverine(left) who was rumored to be purchased on a Free Transfer. While former AC fullback Alex Ong was said to turn down the offer from NUS to join the City Campus for an undisclosed fee. Controversies mainly surrounded the late summer purchase of AC winger Amos Siow (aka Amos ‘The man who snubbed NTU’ Siow), when he was said to be ‘illegally poached’ by the City Campus from NTU. “The Snubber” was all set to sign for the Boon Lay Warriors after having gone through medical check up. But an unexpected change of heart and a lucrative contract offer by SMU proved too much for the winger to refuse, seeing the “Snubber” move to SMU signing a lucrative 4 year contract.

With the new signings and the mix of existing talented senior players, such as superstar Desmond “I’m Fucked up” Wee, former RJC Captain Daniel Marc Chow and socialite Alex Chew “CanIHelpchew”, it was not before long before the team brought in some silverware.

In October 2006, the City boys went ‘ballistic’ in the NUS 7s raping every single team including the host themselves to book a showdown in the Cup Finals against NTU. The finals was set to be a spectacle, but turned out to be a complete whitewash, as the City Boys cleared the Boon Lay Warriors 49-0 in the finals, to be crowned the Inter Varsity 7s Champions.

It didn’t take long for the two sides to clash again, earlier this year NTU faced off with SMU in the Tri-Unis and got their sweet revenge with a relatively narrow victory over the City Boys in the 15 a-side game. Despite the defeat, the signs are evident - that SMU may soon be a force to be reckoned with.

In an interview with NUS dynamic inside-centre who by the way carries royal blood and is Prince in the village of Tanglin Halt, Muhammad A'srie Bin Che Ali IV was quick to praise the City Boys, “SMU looks very strong this coming season, Got you, you and you! Next year NUS and NTU can Balik kampong la mak kau punya laki xia!” While its been claimed that NTU has been keeping a watchful eye over SMU ever since the side achieved success in last year’s NUS 7s go to ( to find out more.

This summer, SMU once again got busy in the transfer market signing a handful of Rafflesian and AC boys. Rumor has it, the city campus got them on a special deal, “buy one get one free” . The deal includes buy Alvin Tan (RJ back), get Josiah Goh (RJ back) free and buy Chew Yin Xiang aka The Mouth (AC back), get Daniel “King Leoniadas” Lee (AC forward) free.

A worthy observation was the significant boost of forwards purchased this season. Bulking up the pack, SMU bought former RJC captain Sherman Yeo – the Sherminator and former National shot putt champion Vickneswaran S/o Sellathurai (RJC) – they too, came in the special one for one deal.

However, controversy loomed again in the transfer market when complications arose over the signing of Project Superstar, scrumhalf Justin Lum(right). The City Campus had long shown keen interest in signing him, before he got himself into various kinds of troubles early in the year, which delayed the transfer.

“Yes, we know who we are dealing with and we know he is hard to handle, but Justin Lum is HOW GOOOD!” said a SMU Rugby spokesperson. To date, the signing has been missing in action from training and has assured the fans that despite his no-show in training he is happy to stay at SMU and has no intention of leaving the City campus any time soon.

With an influx of such quality players and finally with quantity to make up a full squad with a full set of reserves on the bench, SMU is certainly looking promising. Their first real test and a chance to display the new depth in the team will come this 7th October @ Yio Chu Kang Stadium as they go out to compete in the ‘SMU ringEmail 7s’.

Watch out for them and stay tuned as the squads will be announced soon.

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