Sunday, October 21, 2007

Spirit, Pride, Passion

Last night after SMUgging the night away I turned on the tv expecting to watch France walk all over Argentina and send them packing.

Then Argentina scored not one but two tries unanswered (the first converted with NON SKILL from the VERY EASY spot of the far corner of the field) and I found myself unconsciously shifting my loyalties in their favour. Its pointless to even try to put in words the complete doggedness of the Argentinian side in every respect of the game from keeping the ball alive and in play to their flawless running counterattacks, skillful offloading and determined support in the face of a desperate French defence. By the time they had scored their third try to pull out of reach of the floundering French, the French supporters had gone deathly quiet.

It was all about Spirit as they held the French to the longest stoppage time I'd ever seen, 5 metres from the Argentinian try line and unable to score for what must have been for the Argentinian forwards an eternity in hell; until the French Captain himself got sent off in frustration and halftime was called.
It was all about Pride as I watch Chabal, The Caveman, French Hero and Icon get tossed like a flimsy piece of paper to land on his back and roll around clutching his shoulder the very FIRST time he even touched the ball.
It was all about Passion as Los Pumas laid the smackdown on the team that sent the All Blacks packing, host country for the Rugby World Cup 2007 to finish 3rd. The glory of which they had utterly earned by their raw unerring hunger to win.

Argentina 34, France 10.

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