Wednesday, October 31, 2007

The 'Total Package' has arrived

After much media attention of the absence of "Total Package" Nasir. The man they now call Biceps Nasir, decided to step forward to unveil his guns at the training ground. Fans present at the underground training ground @ SMU concourse were seen to be totally in awe of his huge 'guns' that it caused some of his fellow team-mates to feel jealous and embarassed about their own.

Speaking to the media, Sherman the Shermanator (picture right)said in disbelief

"I havent seen him (Nasir) around for the past 6months and now he strolls on to the training ground with GUNS as big as my TRUNKS! (thighs) Its total maddness!"

While the "Total Package" insist he is clean from any supplement taking and that his GUNS are nothing but nnnAtural. He leaves us with a quote to be remembered on his first training in 6 months,

"I may not have been around for months, I may not have touched an oval ball for months, but one thing is for sure....(Nasir tilts his nose into the air and takes a deep breath, raising his biceps in full flexed position)These Guns really don't lie."


Skipper Amos Siow could not be reached for further comments.

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