Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Mok out for the season

It seems like every Rugby team has one or more such ‘strange’ members. The man who has worked tirelessly for the SMUrugby team has had to face up to many off-field critics of his questionable lifestyle.

Mok Wai Hon, who is the SMUrugby team’s honorary and hardworking secretary, has been one of the executive committee members who have made the SMU squad to be such a well organized and formidable side today. Recently, Mok was noted for his valuable contribution to the ringEmail 7s where he helped ensure that the tournament ran according to schedule and that everything else ran smoothly.

However much of the good deeds that Mok has done have been tainted by the media’s attention on his life off the rugby pitch. Insider sources reveals that he has been known to ogle over his own team-mates in the changing room and was once heard to be admiring fellow team-mate Daniel Marc, when he saw the latter parading in his boxers on a Malaysia tour. On that same Malaysia tour, Mok was rumored to have contracted deadly sore-eyes which spread to his entire team, causing the team to withdraw from the tournament on the 2nd day of the tournament. While the case is still under investigation of how Mok contracted the sore-eyes, the case has been strangely associated with then on tour NUS flanker aka NewUrban Male Champion Elisha Chng, who apparently exchange strong eye contact with Mok, causing the onslaught of the rest of the SMU rugby team.

While the man has constantly refused to submit to such ridiculous claims, that he is … , he has yet to come forward to make any clarification in public either. The pressure and attention from the paparazzi has certainly taken its toil on the team’s secretary who also plays winger or scrumhalf for the City boys. Issuing a statement to the media through his agent, “Mok would like to take time off from the season to reflect upon some personal issues and will take no further part in this year’s competitions”

The distressed Mok was last seen escaping the paparazzi as he was leaving the training grounds in his Red Suzuki Swift declining to answer any questions, but a close-male-friend revealed,

“Lately Mok, is under tremendous amount of pressure. He has had to prove himself on the field as a scrumhalf and off the field. It’s very tough and frustrating for him…”

Mok, has come to an agreement with the club, to allow him to have some time off as he is looking to not only sort out some personal issues, but also nurse that pair of eyes that did his team in, in Malaysia. In rectifying the problem, Mok was last reported to have undergone a Lasik surgery earlier this season, to prevent such an episode from happening again.

Meanwhile while the Man is out of physical contact during training with the boys for now, which could be a safer thing for our SMU boys, he is certainly not out of sight.

Player Profile: Mok Wai Hon aka Mok
Age: 23
Former Club: Chinese High
Position: Winger/Scrumhalf
Others: The lad, is the SMUrugby’s secretary and is a Dean’s Lister with a GPA of approximately 3.8. He is also in the running to receiving the SSU Achiever’s Award at the SSU Sports Night award.

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