Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Rugby Players by Day, Models by Night!!

A recent tabloid report by SMU Rugby News Daily has uncovered the shocking yet sexy news that 2 members of the City boys are actually models with immense experience in modelling. Other then having zhng skills in sidestepping and laying the smack down on opponents, they can also induce some degree of wetness in the crowd with their 'catwalking skills'. And they are no other than Amos "Mai Siao Siao" Siow and "The Animal" Shen

Come Wednesday, 17th of October, these 2 fine, young men will be strutting their stuff on the catwalks of (no not Milan) SMU Sports Hall. Yup, for the Sports Award Night. Urgent bulletins by the authorities from OSL has suggested that the audience prepare sufficient amount of tissue paper to relieve the "wetness". Also, raincoats are advisable as the temperature might get so hot that the sprinklers may have to be turned on.

An interview with a certain member of the City boys went as followed:

"Everytime i see these 2 hot guys, i just quiver and get so wet, with perspiration though. For Amos, i feel that he exudes such charm and authority. He has this boy-next-door look that simply melts my heart everytime i see him. As for Sijie, its a total ball game altogether. He gives me a sense of adventure and danger. I feel that life will be so much more exciting with this "Animal" around"


To catch these 2 exciting young men in action, please be at the Sports Awards Night on Wednesday. Be there or risk not getting wet!

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