Wednesday, October 3, 2007

ringEmail SMU 7s Preview

Its finally here. The long awaited SMU 7s with super zhng rugby, hot cai-s, handsome men and elephant loads of booze! After many months of planning and consumption of alcohol along the way (Darkness, this refers to you), 11 teams will be looking forward to tear each other apart, with the favourites of course being SMU A.

Dominating the competition with their lightning quick backline and slick ball handling led by Captain Amos "I'll burn you" Siow

and further complimented by the likes of Alex Ong and Alex chew, they look to decimate any opposition they come across. But the real unleashing of power will come from 7s laojiao or otherwise known as veterans Justin Lum and Desmond Wee. When you see them play, sure to nosebleed cockstand and then die from heart seizure. Captain Amos "I'll burn you" Siow can now back up his infamous words "WE ARE THE THING" and blow the pants off NTU.

Complementing the backline will be the monsterly aggressive forward pack. Lead by Hairyman DMC and assisted by The Animal Shijie and Sherminator. This tourament will showcase Sherminator's prowess in 7s rugby where he will be looking forward to destroying scrums with his solid propping and also for the whole world to see his nifty sidestep!

I dont think anyone in their right mind would want to go up against the Sherminator. Well, except for the The Animal, who would go up against anyone.

Not to be outdone, SMU B will also be pulling out all their guns. Led by the inspirational Weiming and vice-capted by Mouth Chew, they will be looking forward to ending SMU A's glory. However, in order to achieve this and specially for this event, they will be unleashing their most secret weapon...

King Leonidas, aka Daniel Beyonce Leonidas Balakrishnan Slayer Virgin Killer Sex141 Lee (given by vice-capt Mouth).

This tournament will be King Leonidas's coming out of the closet. He has expressed his desire to emulate his previous success, leading his men on to crush his mighty opponents.

Alas, one can only watch this glorious bloody showdown as it unfolds this coming Sunday, 7 Oct at YCK Stadium! Bring lots of friends and remember to enjoy the view, and get mightily drunk with the continuous flood of beer!

p.s King Leonidas's second army of Cai-s will be there, further supported by Ben Teong's third army of Cai-s. Good VIEW!

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