Thursday, October 25, 2007

9 players on the flight to Perth

With the Mid-term exams and presentation filling up the busy schedules of our SMU rugby players, the press has had a difficult time providing you with the latest scoops. The City Boys were given a week to spend time with their families and friends after suffering a shocking defeat to NUS in the Cup Semi-finals in the ringEmail 7s, and have ever since resumed training last week.

Players returned back to training looking sharper and more focus during training. Coach Harry Mason(picture right) spoke to the press this morning after announcing the confirmed 9 players who will be going up to Perth in December to compete in the India-Rim Asia University Games (IRAUG), “All the boys have been working hard this whole season - the attitude and spirit of the team is good, and the boys are looking ready to jump straight into it to prepare for the coming IRAUG 7s.”

The 9 selected players are as follows:

1. Lionel “ robber” Poh (C)
2. Chong Wei Nurn
3. Lim Wei Ming
4. Sherman Yeo aka Shermantor
5. Tafadzwa Lakka Marasha
6. Alex Ong
7. Lorenzo Escano “it wasn’t me” Shaggy Lim
8. Lionel Kong
9. Chew Yin Xiang aka The Mouth

The team will look to be sending a total of 12 players, with 3 more players to be added to the squad in November. The squad will be lead by the Vice President of SMU rugby, Lionel Poh(picture left) who will be looking to spur the side to achieving their first victory away from home ground.

City Boys in search for their lost sheep, Nasir
With the size of the current SMU rugby squad standing at 30, the competition for places for this tour has been fiercely contested by almost every one, but a few. It’s been reported that some players have been missing in action for an unknown and overdue period of time. One such player is noticeably star inside-centre Muhammad Nasiruddin Bin Malek who has been reported to have been on a secret agenda to pump up the size of his biceps to 25 inches before he takes to the field to toss the oval ball, which he has not done so since his debut for the City Boys.

Nasir, made his debut for the City boys back against NTU last year in the Tri-Uni and was proven to be a ‘surprise package’ to the Boon Lay Warriors. During the match, NTU were seen struggling to deal with the ferocity of his hits and presence and were constantly bewildered by this seemingly unknown talent that SMU possessed.

The “Total Package” Nasir first started off his rugby career in Raffles Institution (RI), proving to be an efficient and safe fullback in his heydays. However, the “Total Package” went missing when he went over to Raffles Junior College choosing to leave the rugby scene for the next 4 years. Rumor was that the “Total Package” had spend those 4 years in isolation, reflecting on what it takes to get his ‘guns’(biceps) firing away on the rugby field.

Having been out for 4 years, the purchase of the “Total Package” struck pundits as more of a gamble by Coach Harry Mason. However, during an interview with Coach Mason, he expressed that he had been following Nasir’s every progress since the age of 16 and has every faith that the “Total Package” will deliver when the Tri-Unis come. (Harry Mason turns to whisper and ask Mouth: Who is he!? Has he even come down for any trainings?)

The fans having been questioning of the whereabouts of the “Total Package” and have expressed with signboards outside Farrer Park, that they would like to see him down at the training ground along side his team mates. An undisclosed source revealed Nasir to be found at a corner of the SMU gym every day at 3pm, doing his 24 sets of biceps curls. No photos could be provided of him in action – for as soon as the man noticed the paparazzi, he was reported to be quick to toss the 20kg dumbbells and dash for cover.

When interviewed by the press about the MIA of the “Total Package” Nasir, Skipper Amos Siow(right) revealed,

“ Nasir made a condition with me. He told me he will only come back to training when the size of his biceps is bigger than mine. So I guess the fans and the boys (of SMUrugby) will just have to wait patiently for his return – because… (Amos raises his arm to take a look at his non-existent watch while flexing his non-existent biceps)… it doesn’t look like its going to happen any time soon."

Player Profile: Muhammad Nasiruddin Bin Malek "Total Package" (above)
Age: 22
Former club: Raffles Instituition
Position: Inside Centre/Winger
Others: Nasir, was also the captain of the Raffles soccer team and is a first team player in the SMU soccer team.

Favourite Quote: "These Guns don't lie"

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