Monday, October 15, 2007

The Darkness speaks to SMUrugby News

This week SMUrugby News presents to you…

He was one of the men behind the scenes of the successful SMU ringEmail 7s, but has been struggling to secure a place in the regular line up with the City boys. However, that has not caused too much unrest with the man they call The Darkness aka Vignesh. When spotted by the SMUrugby press at Zouk, he replied with a bottle of whiskey in his hand,

“It’s no problem that I do not get to start, but at least! Give me a chance to do my ‘razzle dazzle’ - give me the bloody ball and I’ll side step a few motherf*ckers, give a big palm off and I’ll finish off the move with a no-look pass…(to nobody)”

Vignesh Louis Naidu was talent spotted at the school’s regular hangout; “Pick n Bite” at the not so tender age of 22, but ever since then the ‘super dark-star’ has not looked back. When interviewed about The Darkness’s on-field attributes, team-mate Daniel Marc Chow was more than willing to share his honest opinion,

“He(Darkness) has come a long way. He has certainly improved by leaps and bounds! He is the kind of player who doesn’t have to do much on the field; his presence alone engulfs his opponents with his presence, forcing them to make the errors! We certainly could have a player of his unique talent on our side.”

The Darkness is rumored to be undergoing intensive strength conditioning for the pre-season Tri Uni 15s Championship and is speculated to be in the re-negotiation for a new contract with the City Campus – apparently asking for a pay cut from the club. Strange, but it’s true.

Player Profile: The Darkness, aka Vignesh Louis Naidu
Age: 23
Former Clubs: Saint Andrews
Position: Flanker
Others: Outside of rugby, the Darkness is a semi-professional high stakes poker player and is often caught drunk along side fellow team-mate and socialite Alex Chew.

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