Monday, October 15, 2007


This is the picture the whole of Zouk+SMU+Sg Rugby Community have been waiting for the past 5 days.

After a great run at the ringEmail SMU Rugby 7s, star prop turned up at Zouk's Mambo Night semi high, on dunno what also. He stressed to virtually every single one that his cap is the most valuable thing, but as u can see, the 'valuable' cap was kind of MIA l8r the evening.
The night started rather innocently and as the most sober party in this whole event i shall testify with absolute neutrality. It was a case of "SOMMMEEBODY gonna get hurt" but no one knew who the target was gonna be. Ben Teong was so scared that he kept saying, "Vick, i stay in BLK 48 #08-05, send me home" like a gazillion times. (Just need to rope u in la...)

When Shermanator reached Zouk, you could sense something was a miss when he was boasting about how he was the greatest player in SMU A. Especially when he went up to Justin Lum and proclaimed,"Justin, i am the SMU A superstar."

Then there was the insane game of 5-10 between the perpetually high Jed and the on the verge Shermantor. The highly intense game was watched by all those gathered in the far corner of Velvet and as the tension piled, the two kids' tempers were simmering.

Sherman: Yayy, 2 times already, i win...
Jed: Eh u say nobody can hear...
Sherman: Okay okay, again, i start first.
Jed: How many times you start first...unfair.

Then Jed wasnt happy with Sherman cos he said '5' too loudly.

So after loosing a round too many, Jed and Sherman deceided enough was enough, The game was about to come to an end for our pseudo super star. Right before he reached nirvanna he spewed some classics:

Sherman: I am not drunk, this is ben teong (pointing to ben), this is valmiki(pointing to me), this is amos(pointing to amos), this is jed (pointing to jed), this is valmiki (pointing to valmiki). Ehh!!

Soon after Shermantor decided to 'take a break' from his hectic day after downing a couple of glasses of water and fell asleep on the bar. Coincidently, Sherman puked as some cha bor went to the bar to buy drinks, creating some very interesting modern art on her already fancy shoes. Our Psuedo Star wasnt done yet. He lost balance on the bar stool and performed further theatrics sliding across the bar as his arms and head were still resting on it, smearing his fragrant aftermath everywhere. The helpful Jed grabbed him and he flipped backwards and fell flat on his back. All this while he was sound asleep.

On hindsight, "I should never drink champagne la, my body just cannot take it". Sherman reportedly 'fall in' at his house the next morning when his grandma opened the door.

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