Saturday, March 8, 2008

SMUrugby Annual General Meeting

During the SMUrugby AGM, President Amos Siow once again gave one of his infamous naggy emotional speeches and went on to present individual awards to the players.

Most Absent Player of the Year
Alvin Tan
While Justin Lum should have rightfully got this award instead of Alvin, Alvin's no show when his services was most needed was deemed intolerable by the team, especially when he didn't turn up for trainings choosing to focus on his 'very low' GPA.

Most "Penalties" Conceded
Shen Sijie
The Animal is known for his gangster swagger on and off the field, but more so for his consistent ill-discipline in games. The latter was caught conceding 3 consecutive penalties in a span of 5 mins against NTU, this demeanour resulted in an outrageous outburst by fellow team-mate Vicknesh, who certainly made his feelings known to Sijie about what he thought about his infringements.

Most Random Player of the Year
Lorenzo Escano 'it wasn't me' Lim
You cannot be sure what the Escano is up to, or what random moves he might pull off on the field. His repeated dummy pass and random winger commentary on the field has won him the award of Random Player of the year, closely behind him was team-mate Alex Ong.

Most Influential Player of the year
Alex Ong

Best Foreign Talent
Well...he is not from Kenya. Tafa is from Zimbabwe. Enough said.

Most Improved Newcomer
Vignesh Naidu aka The Darkness
When he first joined SMUrugby, the Darkness could barely coordinate his hand and eye movement. But after having under gone some intensive training (rumor has it, with Mok Wai Hon), his hands (we mean Rugby Ball handling skills) have improved.

Most Consistent/All-rounded Performer
Chew Yin Xiang aka Mouth
Always ready to put in a sturdy performance, Mouth has been versatile and always ready to fill in at any position for the team, adding much depth to the SMU team.

Biggest "Guns"
Nasiruddin aka Total Package
We quote, "Doing me a rush. It makes me feel like I'm in heaven!" We say, those guns don't lie.

Most Dramatic Player of the Year
Desmond "I'm f*cked up" Wee
We might not have seen much of the Weezer scoring much tries or making as much breaks as he is famous for this Tri-Unis, but one thing's for sure - you know that Desmond is on the field when the referee is getting a crash course on Rugby Rules 101 while on the field. He is definitely SMU's most opinionated player, who is not afraid to take it out on the referee, whether you are an 40 year old male referee or a 19 year old touch girl refereeing a game of fun touch, Desmond exercises sexual equality and gives them both the hair-dryer treatment. The Weezer's latest stunt has been to simulate an injury the way soccer players do. During the first leg against NUS, the latter suffered a late tackled and went down like someone had turn the lights out on him, he lay motionless for a good minute before getting up perfectly fine and yelling at the referee.

Hottest SMU 'player' Player
Benjamin Teong aka Slayer Player
If Edison Chen is a God, you obviously have not met Ben Teong.

Special Contribution Award
Lim Wei Ming
Weims as he is known, has contributed a lot outside the scope of a SMUrugby player. Taking fantastic pictures for the team and assisting in the logistic matters for the team, the player has never backed down on helping the team when called upon.

SMU Ambassador/Spielberg Award
The outgoing president of the school's ambassador's society has made a name for himself for his candid camera shots of random WAGs during games and comical commentating.

Smartest SMUrugby player Award
Daniel Lee aka Leoniadas
In SMU, our results are calculated by a thing called the Grade Point Average (GPA) and the maximum one can get is 4.0. Well his GPA is above 4, go figure.

Most Dedicated Player 2007/2008
Matthias Lim
With an almost perfect record of attendance, the SMU prop has never failed to make it for training and has always been the first to volunteer to help take care of the team's logistics. "If Matt is not at training, there is most likely no training"

Most Hardworking Player 2007/2008
Vicknesh Sellathurai
The National Thrower who is training hard to go for the 2009 SEA games trains daily is certainly the most hardworking player in the team. Just think about how he was 140kg, to the now 92kg Vick... thats definitely hardwork for you.

Most Promising Player 2007/2008
We have seen glimpses of what Zaini can do, and has proven himself to be a tackling machine more than anything else. We urge you to keep an eye on this fellow, as he is sure to blossom into a quality player for the City Boys.

Most Improved Player 2007/2008
Jed Ong
Former National Swimmer who left the individual sport for a team game, he has picked up the game fairly quickly and has shown much determination in learning the game. In his efforts to play flanker, the former SEA games Gold medalist has abandoned his once lean body for a much bulkier one.

Best Newcomer 2007/2008
Jeffrey Ong
Latest addition to the team, Jeffrey has been absolutely committed to the team and has shown great attitude during trainings and games. He is a hard-hitter of the game and we hope to see more of him in action in time to come.

Best Freshmen of the Year
Sherman Yeo
The former National Under 19 Captain has had a solid season, putting up consistent performances with every game, winning praises from coach Harry Mason frequently.

IRAUG 7s Player of the Tournament
Lionel Poh
Up in Australia, the Vice President of SMUrugby lead the team to a credible 4th finish and in the process destroyed some Australians with his ferocious tackling. One of his big hits left Curtin's star player winded and gasping for breath.

IRAUG 7s Top Try Scorer
Lionel Kong
He scored 3 tries in one half against Murdoch University and another against Curtin. Lionel Kong was all gas up on this tour.

Best SMU Back of the Tri-Uni
Josiah Goh
If you consider the fact that he played winger in his college days, Josiah filled in at scrumhalf brilliantly and proved to be a very important player to the City Boys. With natural scrumhalf Justin Lum out, Josiah took up the challenge and had an outstanding tournament.

Best SMU Forward of the Tri-Uni
Joel Leong
Quiet and blurry looking, the freshmen had a good performance during the Tri-Unis and played an important role in SMU's victory over NUS.

Best SMU Player of the Tri-Uni
Daniel Marc Chow
Monster. With a 75% strike rate (scoring 3 tries out of 4 matches), the #8 was a handful to opponents and was a huge driving force in the team.

Best Back of the Season 2007/2008
Alex Ong

Best Forward of the Season 2007/2008
Daniel Marc Chow

Best Player of the Season 2007/2008
Sherman Yeo

Long Service Award
Chong Wei Nurn
Uncle Wei Nurn will be graduating by the end of this term and has probably played his best rugby with SMU this year. The hooker who has been an integral member of the team will certainly leave the team as a legend and will be sorely missed.

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