Monday, March 3, 2008

The Changing Face of SMU Rugby

Most of us would be familiar with the ‘tear-jerking’ fairy tale where Cinderella, the poor abused girl finally found her dreams coming true thanks to a well fitted glass shoe. Amos Siow, in every right, was the Cinderella in the fairy tale ending when SMU Rugby clinched the inaugural Tri-Uni Championships last Saturday. We all can be pretty sure that Amos himself will agree that one of the ugly step sisters that often abused him would definitely be Alex Ong and also of course Alex Ong would consider this more of a compliment than anything else.

Chong Wei Nurn (Uncle Chong) received his first gold medal after a long drought in his illustrious rugby career. The visibly delighted Uncle Chong has been through the tough times. SMU Rugby fraternity past and present know where this team stood not too long ago. We were winless in the 15s game till a few weeks ago when we beat NTU 8-7 in the first leg. Looking back one can only awe at the magnificent achievement of the Superhuman President Amos Siow.

From securing a coach, to bringing together the players, settling disputes in selection of players and even making the Tri-Unis happen, Amos Siow did it all. Not to forget, this very blog was his brainchild and the success of it has largely been due to him (posting as well as refreshing). So, what’s next for Amos? He was heard loud and clear after Sherman Yeo was unanimously voted in as the President to head SMU Rugby into the 08-09 season, “You guys sort it out la, it’s not my problem anymore.” For someone who has done that much work, he has every reason to be tired.

What the future holds for SMU Rugby would be interesting. Sherman Yeo is one hell of a character who often seems like he champions the 7 Deadly Sins (including LUST recently). However, it is clear that the SMU Best Freshman Player would fall no yards short of bringing home the silverware. He has clearly displayed his intent to his fellow exco and has elaborate plans to bring SMU Rugby to the next level.

However, as the saying goes, “The legacy you face is greater than any other opposition”, Sherman’s greatest challenge will be to live up to the immaculate standards that his predecessor has set for him.

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