Tuesday, March 25, 2008

The Animal turns 24 - Shen Sijie

At SMUrugby, we like to take some time off our busy "mugging" schedule to send our birthday wishes to the team's favourite and most 'jack-able' Shen Sijie aka The Animal.

The animal as he would prefer to be known, is arguably one of the blurrest, most forgetful, most foolish, most careless and most ill disciplined player on the rugby field. To illustrate, the flanker was top on the count for Most Penalties conceded this season. He is almost late for all trainings and most likely to reach to a match venue late for warm up and find that he either forgot to bring his shorts or his boots. With a blur face written all over his face, it doesn't help the lad that he is regarded as one of the 'dirt-iest' player in Singapore Rugby history. As fellow course and team-mate Alex Ong once commented, "Sijie is the kind of guy, who looks dirty even if he BATHES!" His unusual antics of playing rugby matches in boxers has left many of his team-mates frowning and speechless.

In other news on the Animal, it is reported that he has lost his laptop for a 4th consecutive time!Previously, the latter was fortunate to retrieve it from the toilet or from the lost and found counter. But this time round, while exams, projects and term papers are round the corner, his beloved laptop is no where to be found.

On behalf of the animal, we plead to the public to take some time off from the hunt of Mas Selamat, instead! if you should spot a Sony Vaio Laptop lying some where around in school unattended, please do not hesitate to call the animal ALSO KNOWN as the Beast.

Nevertheless, apart from all the 'jacking' and critics, SMUrugby wish to extend our birthday wishes to our dearest (pick one) "Animal/Beast/Wolverine/Logan" Shen Sijie

Happy 24th Birthday.

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