Sunday, March 16, 2008

3.5 days later...

Three and a half days after the survey was launched this is the tentative SMU Player's XV.

1. Vicknesawaran S/O Sellathurai
2. Chong Wei Nurn
3. Sherman Yeo
4. Joel Leong
5. Daniel Marc Chow
6. Lionel Poh
7. Benjamin Teong
8. Daniel Marc Chow
9. Josiah Goh
10. Amos Siow
11. Ruzaini Sani
12. Desmond Wee
13. Desmond Wee
14. Ruzaini Sani
15. Alex Ong

If there was one person that everybody agrees deserves his place is our dearest scrum half Josiah Goh. Of the 47 votes casted, Joise secured 43 votes which is a whopping 91.5%

The Survey has also shown that we cant simply get enough of DMC, Dezzzo and Zaini...we want more than one of them.

Lastly, at the full back slot...the ugly stepsister has once again proved that he is more influential than cinderella edging him out in a two way contest with 81.3% of the votes.

Keep voting..another 4 days left.

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