Sunday, March 9, 2008

Is it a crime to love animals?

During SMUrugby recent team photo session (taken with the help of our very own pro-camera man Lim Wei Ming), the team took various shots, some of which were serious and others somewhat candid and disturbing. The photos were taken to commemorate the end of the season and to use the photos for the mailer that's due to be sent out to the school - to break the news of the latest victory in the Tri-Uni Championships.

However, after browsing through the numerous photos taken, we at SMUrugby stumble upon some very disturbing photos - 2 in particular.

First, the photo above shows the team posing together in unison to the 'famous Daniel Lee pose' , this pose was last captured during the Blacks Midnight 10s last year after winning the Bowl Championships(picture right). While everyone were fist-pumping in jubilation, the freshmen Lee showed us what jubilation meant to him. We will not elaborate on the gesture and will leave it open to your interpretation of what it means.

(But we digressed)

The photo above brought much controversies as it we spotted incoming exco member, Jed Ong to be quite an "Animal-lover" (Sijie aka The Animal or the beast). The photo has left many tongues wagging and has flooded our tagboards with many ethical questions such as, "Should animals be allowed on a rugby team?", "Is it right for Jed to attempt to procreate with animals?" just to name a few.

When interviewed by SMUrugby news, Jed Ong was totally embarrassed and repentant on his actions claiming that he didn't know that the photo was being taken. Whereas Shen Sijie (the Animal) told us, "I didn't know Jed liked me so much, nevertheless I am not complaining.Thanks Jed!"

Moving on, after processing the photos, Wei Ming also told us he encountered some mysterious results from the photos he took. Photos revealed that the two players missing from the photo session, Daniel Marc Chow (who is in Portugal on exchange) and Vice-President Lionel Poh (in Holland) some how managed to find their way in the picture. It is reported to be a rather freaky experience and some are speculating that even though they are away in Europe, their spirits are very much here in Singapore and within the SMUrugby team. Being such media whores, you can be sure they were not going to miss this photoshoot for the world!

However, due to the freakish nature of the shot, rumor has it that their faces will be photoshopped from the photo for the purpose of the school mailer, to prevent any further unnecessary attention to be created amongst the school's rugby team.

For now the SMUrugby committee are still trying to find an appropriate response to the public regarding the actions of Jed Ong as a couple of female passerbys have reported Jed to the police for cruelty to animals. Rumor has it, Jed's agent has actually issued a statement that 'The Animal' was a willing party.

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