Thursday, March 13, 2008

SMU Player XV

Tomorrow is the big game. You are ready, mentally and physically. Waiting to be unleashed. Then Outlook pops a you got mail msg on the bottom right hand. You click the tab, suck in one deep breath, you forehead moistens with sweat, its the line up.

WHAT THE F**K! That clown has messed up the line up again, whats wrong with that fool?
Yes..this clown...

How many times have you found yourself, in this very situation. Think you can do a better job than Ex-President Amos Siow. The time has come boys, to nominate your very own SMU PLAYER'S XV. Root for those who should be there and boot the rest.

Pick your Fave Fowards:SMU Player's XV Forwards

Pick your Fave Backs: SMU Player's XV Backs

You will have till midnight next Thursday, and we shall know whether our pretty little Cinderella is worth his glass shoes..

P.S: It is advised that you dont spam votes for quite noticable and i will take you down. Remember what Sherman said about me, "Vicky, you are the worst."

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