Wednesday, February 12, 2014

BREAKING NEWS! Love is in the air!

After months of tension and keeping it in the closest, Lucas and Avinash have officially declared their love for one another.

The Freshie Duo are often seen staying in school till late and studying together in the quiet area of the library. Sources say that this relationship first sparked off way back in 2009, when both players were representing their respective Junior Colleges in the A Div.

Avinash had  put Lucas on the deck after a devastating run down the wing that left Lucas rooted to the ground whispering.. "i've never seen an ass like that".

 This public announcement  probably came at a politically right time, as Valentines Day is around the corner.

SMUrugby News will give be giving live updates and reports in the hours leading up to 14th February.

Stay tuned...

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