Tuesday, August 26, 2014


What can we say, year after year pageant fever hits The City Boys in more ways than one.

Be it starry eyed props checking out their batch mates strut it out on the cat walk or Shaun Ng adding everyone from Miss Popular to the Bash Logistics chicks on Facebook.

A year has gone by since newly appointed Captain, Avinash took the title of Mr SMU on the dance floor of Zouk. Unfortunately this year, the rugby presence at the Freshmen Bash was missing.

        Mr SMU 2013, Avinash

We have however made up for this with THREE City Boys competing be crowned Mr Economist 2014(Mr Oikos)

Rumour has it the winner walks away with a bundle that includes a 3 year supply of The Economist and Readers Digest.

Read on for the exclusive one on one interviews with our economic maestros..

Ken Koh

No stranger to The City Boys set up, Ken already has one Gold medal under his belt and his looking to get more(Gold Medals that is).

Can Ken achieve 100% line out success and hook his way to right area of the Production Possibility Frontier?

SMUrugbyNews: So Ken, being a "senior" player amongst the freshies, do you ever feel like you are under pressure to win this pageant?

Ken: I wouldn't consider myself a "senior" so to speak, but I do feel I have the upper hand. I have a Gold Medal and Ashley by my side.

Marcus Yeo

New to the The City Boys, could Marcus be the Dark Horse than prevails over his more experienced counterparts at the pageant? 

SMUrugbyNews: How does it feel being part of the squad at SMU? Any comments?

Marcus: Everyone has been extremely welcoming! Team spirit is high and it is nice to go head to head physically against Ken and Fi on the pitch and on the catwalk. Whatever happens at pageant, stays at pageant boys..


Rumoured to model his looks and charisma after Wallaby Full Back Israel Falou, can Asyrafi keep his cool and side step his way to Oikos Glory?

SMUrugbyNews: After seeing a preview of what you can do on stage at Sports Camp, are the fans in for the same treat?

Asyrafi: I like to keep things fresh and have my fans guessing.. just like my opponents. Keeping them on their toes thinking about my next move. You gotta watch it to believe it ladies.. nothing micro about this economic ;)

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