Sunday, November 9, 2014

That perfect #OOTD & Social Media - A guide by Avinash

                                          Behind the scenes

#OOTD, #WIWT, #INSTAFASHION, THE LIST GOES ON! We have all seen and occasionally posted images on our social media outlets that have these exact hashtags, whether we like to admit it or not, we are all guilty of taking part in this necessary evil.

#OOTD or Outfit of The Day for those who have been living in the caves Li Ka Shing Library's dungeons has become popular of late. Especially within The City Boys camp where star winger and fashionista, Avinash has been labelled the epitome of the #OOTD.

                                         Avinash and a car

SMURugbyNews is grateful and fortunate to get a chance to speak to Avinash despite his busy schedule about this phenomena taking over the social media world like wildfire.

SMURugbyNews: So Avi, tell us more about this #OOTD craze

Avinash: Well, I wouldn't exactly call it a craze. I see it as more of a norm. How else can the world see what I wear everyday.

SMURugbyNews: Interesting! How do you recommend newcomers who plan to enter this #OOTD world

Avinash: I would ask them to look at my posts on Instagram for starters. In terms of outfits, I would recommend mixing it up, never do a back to back denim day, or back to back berms day. Mix up shirts and shorts, jeans and shirts, just stay fabulous!

SMURugbyNews: How about during the season? Don't you wear the same jersey every game?

Avinash: Maybe we could get customised kits depending on the day of the week and who we play against. This is something I would leave for further discussion but when it comes to game time, it is about the player and team.. not the kit(ok maybe a little bit)

                                          Avinash in a car

We would like to thank Avinash again for his time, please read on to check out this customised guide made by the Fashion Maestro himself about perfecting that #OOTD and getting the likes on Instagram and Facebook.

Avinash's Guide to #OOTD

  • Angles, angles and angles
  • Stay clear from busy backgrounds
  • Find a reliable photographer(or hire one)
  • ONLY post your pictures at 10pm
  • Don't wear the same thing twice in 2 years
  • Filters are important
  • Stay good looking

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