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The City Boys emerged as champions in the recent Quad-University Rugby Championship held in March 2014.

It was a huge season with many ups and downs but we are glad to say it all paid off eventually! Read on for our post season report.

SMU vs NTU (Round Robin)

The first match of the season did not go according to plan for us, with numerous penalties given away and lacklustre defence from both the forwards and the backs, we were put on the back foot many times and suffered the consequences of being ill disciplined.

With close to about 20 penalty calls against our name, the mistakes made by us were capitalised on by NTU's kicker, who slotted in 15 points worth of kicks. An additional 2 tries were scored by the opposition that increased the margin.

The final score was 21-6 to NTU.

SMU vs NUS (Round Robin)

This was a do or die fixture for both teams, from past tournaments, the victor of this fixture usually goes on to the Finals. Both teams were pumped and were fresh after a week off from their last match.

The NUS squad featured a few age group and current National reps that were all fired up and ready to go.

The game was intense from the first kick off, which was kicked directly out to touch. The tempo then built up and The City Boys found the form they were looking for this whole season, with some tinkering of positions and new plays being added, The City Boys gelled effectively and the cohesion seen between the rummaging forwards and silky handed backs was magical.

Mistakes and ill disciplined was drastically reduced and the morale within the SMU camp was high. Pressure eventually turned into points and we managed to secure a 17-10 victory after an 80min game that felt like an eternity.

SMU vs SIM (Round Robin)

Last seasons shock loss to the Clementi Bad Boys were still fresh in the minds of the team, which was probably the biggest turning point in the last year that encouraged and motivated the new Exco led by Tang Hon Wei to seek change.

The City Boys needed a victory with a bonus point, and NTU to beat NUS for us to go on to the final.

The odds were in our favour but the dark horses of the tournament, SIM mounted several attacks that tested our defence out wide. Their new look back line was always threatening but our versatile backs, led by the dominant figure of Jesse Quek stood tall and strong, keeping the Clementi Bad Boys at bay.

The first 60mins of the game was extremely tight, with SIM scoring a try and taking the lead till the SMU forward pack unleashed their inner beasts and mounted several pick and go efforts. The flood gates eventually opened and SMU emerged  33-8 victors.

News came shortly after the final whistle that NTU had indeed beaten NUS by a close scoreline of 15-10. Celebrations all around as The City Boys were to make an appearance in the Final after a 5 year drought.


A grudge match was predicted way before kick-off. Both teams were building momentum after 2 victories and the boys from NTU appeared as favourites, after their first round victory against The City Boys 2 weeks earlier.

The squad that took the field for the finals:

  1. Eric Ong (Year 2)
  2. Ken Koh (Year 0)
  3. Ronald Cher (Year 3)
  4. Harresh Krishnan (Year 1)       
  5. Bryan Lim Kai Yao (Year 2)
  6. Marcus ‘Mongoose’ Ang (Year 0)
  7. Vikki Krishnan (Year 0)
  8. Timothy Gay (Year 3)
  9. Wong Kah Wei (Year 4)
  10. Tang Hon Wei (Year 2)
  11. Avinash (Year 1)
  12. Daniel Joshua Lee (Year 0)
  13. Jesse Quek (Year 3)
  14. Stuart Ho (Year 4)
  15. Brandon Yow (Year 2)
  16. Elijah Tan (Year 2)
  17. Chaw Wei Arng (Year 3)
  18. Shaneet Nityanand Rai (JD, Year 2)
  19. Ahmad Isa (Year 2)
  20. Shaun Ng Tian Ci (Year 2)
  21. Blandon Tan (Year 3)
  22. Gabriel Ang (Year 4)
  23. Marc Wilson (Year 1)

The game started off well for NTU, capitalising off a well executed move off a 5m scrum by the back row. With about 6 minutes into the game, The City Boys seemed to be in an all too familiar place, 5-0 down behind our try line.

The margin was reduced after Brandon Yow, slotted in a penalty in front of the posts. The score was now 5-3 to NTU with about 60minutes left in the game.

Another penalty attempt by Blandon Tan sailed over the crossbars to bring the score to 6-5, in favour of the City Boys.

The scoreline remained at 6-5 for the duration of the entire game, both teams showed their grit and determination with try saving tackles and rampaging attacks that kept the spectators entertained. It was truly an epic battle with both teams digging deep and pushing through. 

The City Boys managed to stop any threat from the NTU attack and kept the scoreline at 6-5. The SMU forwards kept hammering up ruck after ruck in a showcase of brilliant ball retention and ordering around by Scrum Half, Wong Kah Wei. 

The final whistle then blew and the 5 year drought of not seeing the Cup, ended with celebrations, cheers and a few bottles of Sparkling Apple Juice.

For a more detailed report please check out,

Tries, Conversions and Points for the Season


Blandon Tan x 2
Harresh Krishnan x 1
Tang Hon Wei x 1
Timothy Gay x 1
Stuart Ho x 1
Wong Kah Wei x 1
Ahmad Isa x 1


Brandon Yow x 3
Blandon Tan x 1
Tang Hon Wei x 1


Brandon Yow x 1
Blandon Tan x 1

Do stay tuned for more pictures from The City Boys season!


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