Thursday, October 10, 2013

BREAKING NEWS: Yow secretly a Westlife Fan Boy

SMUrugby News just received this controversial picture of newly appointed Vice-President, Brandon Yow holding self made posters at what seems to be a Westlife Concert.

Yow was uncontactable at the time but sources claim that Yow has moved on from his boy band phase to better and more girl orientated activities in life.

SMU Rugby's very own Political Analyst, Saran had this to say: ''I believe that this picture has come at a good time. With campaigning all over and the pressure of garnering votes done, Yow has probably done this as a strategic move to win the hearts of the people even further and add some comic relief to the atmosphere post voting...''

Do stay tuned as SMUrugby News tries to get in contact with Brandon "Coast to Coast" Yow for a more formal introduction and interview.

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