Saturday, October 5, 2013

SMU Rugby x SSU Day Instagram Challenge

The inaugural SSU Day held on 27th September saw The City Boys gather in full force for a few hours of posed, random and candid shots that doubled as quite a fun team bonding activity. At 11:30am, players came from classes, the Library, GSRs and even Ice Cold Beer decked in SMU Rugby kits outside Koufu and started to brainstorm on how to go about with the Instagram Challenge set by SSU.

For the readers who are not familiar with who the SSU are, here is a brief intro. The SMU Sports Union(SSU) is constituent body of all the sports clubs at Singapore Management University and are the guys who basically look after our welfare and keep track of our results along with the Office of Student Life(OSL).

We set off on our Instagram challenge trying to find the best locations for our pictures - From disturbing the peace in the library to disturbing innocent souls on Campus Green(Credit goes to Blandon Tan for this one..) we took our photos, added our #hashtags and got the likes coming in.

SSU released the results earlier today and we are pleased to share that SMU Rugby won the following:




A very good day for The City Boys and a positive start going in to recess week with the conclusion of the Mid-Terms today.

 SMU Rugby would like to thank SMU Sports Union for a successful SSU Day and the great welfare packs that have been put to good use by all of us.

Thanks for the love, SSU. 
Might of One, Strength from All ;)

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