Friday, October 11, 2013

Player of The Week - Jason Sum

Name:Jason Sum
Position: Prop / Ex In-Center
Height: 183cm
Weight: 95kg
Interests: Protein Shakes & Beer

In this week's issue of Player of the Week, SMUrugby News brings you our very own gym and fitness maestro, Jason Sum.

Jason, who picked up the sport at Junior College has made a strong and positive impact within the SMU rugby community - especially when he showed us all how beer and protein powder make an awesome drink called the Tiger Dinosaur.

 Jason is also a newly elected Exco member and Co-Director of Operations.

Having a body fat percentage of only 1% and biceps comparable to the peaks of the Himalayas(See Figure 1 for reference), Sum has been one of the more inspiring members of the rugby team and a brilliant role model for the Freshmen.


Figure 1.

Jason Sum is the epitome of hardwork and dedication. Having being raised in the tough streets of Whitley Road as a CJC student, he took the opportunity to work hard and make sure he got bigger and stronger to fend of any threats of nearby SCGS girls around the corner.

Jason before his transformation

SMUrugby News managed to get a comment from fellow teammate, Hoi on his Protein Loaded Teddy Bear of a friend. This is what Hoi had to say, '' On good days,yes he is the hulk. Displaying god-given strength(Bicep curling what normal guys would bench). However more often than not, with a little alcohol, he evolves into a boomer. A bloated beast that spits horrendously smelling spew on seats of public transport".

Jason's story is truly inspiring and you can find out more by purchasing his Biography that is available at all major book stores, aptly titled,
"SUM-body that I used to know"

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