Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Quad-University 15s 2012 - Preview

The 15s season is upon us again and after several months of hardwork SMU Rugby are ready and raring to take on the world. After last season's disappointment, when SMU Rugby came in 3rd having lost to both NUS and NTU, the boys are lusting after success.

After several notable signings, Leo Shyen, Timothy Gay, Ian Gan, and the return of inspirational ex-president Derek Chan and the Cleo's "most eligible bachelor" contestand Bryan "prettyboy" Ng, the team are much stronger than previous years. Said President Blandon Tan, "This year we have a more focused and committed team in which i have utmost faith. The mix of young blood and experience has struck the right balance and i would like to thank coach Melvin for his immense contributions to the team."

This sentiment was echoed by Vice President Ronald Cher, "We all have different passion and reasons for being in the team here. some are here for friends, some simply want to keep fit, I would say that most of us are here because Rugby is rooted in our lives. My passion is simply to play decent rugby. When blandon and i took over, I had a clear goal in mind, which was to give us an opportunity to play good rugby & to give new comers of the such as Zul, aaron and arveen the chance to experience the positive values from the game of rugby, which we learnt in our previous schools. I would like to convey my deepest gratitude to our coach Melvin. He made my visions possible. He laid out for us the 101s of rugby and placed tremendous efforts to give us unique insights allowing us to play at a higher level. With that, it gives me great hope that we WILL have a positive outcome for the season."

On another positive note to the start of the season, Stuart 'iron man' Ho, Aldric Chew and Ian Gan, all of whom were injured pre-season are making positive come backs and will be at every single match supporting the team. Stuart had the following well wishes to convey, "I know that i wont be on the pitch making my amazing runs and awe-ing the opponents but i believe in the team and their abilities. Even without me you guys are amazing. Play your hearts out and i will scream my lungs out cheering you on. If the boys get to the finals ill put on my latex clothings and carry pom poms to cheer for you guys." well said stuart, and we look forward to the sight.

The match schedule for SMU is as follows :

12th March(Monday), 8PM : NTU v SMU @ NTU
16th March(Friday), 8PM : NUS v SMU @ NUS
20th March(Tuesday), 8PM : SMU v SIM @ CCAB

Please do come down and support the city boys in their attempt to reclaim the crown of 15s. Further updates will be made as the season progresses.

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