Monday, March 26, 2012

Special Thanks to RentCamera@SG

Special thanks to our Camera equipment sponsors, RentCamera@SG. They have recently come aboard at the beginning of the season and have been steadfast in their support. We recommend them to any Camera enthusiasts out there. Here is a short description of their business from their spokesperson, Chua JianZhi:-

"RentCamera@SG is Singapore's premium photography rental service. Rental services provided with full range of over 60 DSLRs, 200 lenses and accessories/items such as strobes, our rental service is the only rental services you will need.

Our partners include MyMonsterCamera at and Lens.SG at www.lens.SG (we are unable to sell our photography inventory due to company inventory accounting and insurance registration) but Lens.SG is definitely a good place to buy or sell used photography equipment."

Aldric Chew, SMU Rugby's injured flanker who has been doubling as the team photographer, has stated that the cameras provided by our sponsors are of the highest quality and have allowed him to take perfect pictures during the matches.

A warm thank you once again. Please do visit their website and store for great deals.


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