Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A Thank You

SMU Rugby would like to give special and heartfelt thanks to the group of graduating seniors. Ex-President Derek Chan, Captain Wang En Jian, Bryan Ng, Ashraf and Gao Shen will be graduating at the end of the present semester and have played their final match for SMU Rugby. This 5 senior players have been leaders and guides for all the younger players who have come into SMU. In tears and with his eyes red and puffy after the final match, Derek Chan said, "I will miss playing for SMU and with all the great guys in the team. I feel like i have lost a part of my world and soul. I will continue supporting future batches from the sidelines and continue imparting my great wisdom and co-ordinating skills."

SMU Rugby president Blandon Tan, who was caught hugging and crying into Bryan Ng's shoulder in the NTU men's toilet, had this tribute to make, "This people were there from the start. They have been my guiding stars. I will miss bryan especially as we have a very strong bond. I wish them all the best for the future." Thank you for your uncontrollable tears for the seniors blandon, we are sure you will be fondly remembered.

Captain Wang 'grandpa' En Jian in his last speech to the team said, "Boys. While we did not win this season, it has been a real honor to play with you. This is the most committed and cohesive team i have played with in my 4 years. I hope that you guys will continue training hard and bring back silverware next season. I will continue supporting you as well as i can."

Well said Cap. SMU Rugby wishes these charismatic men all the best for their future endeavors and thank them for their unrelenting service to the team.

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