Thursday, September 11, 2008

SMUrugby resorts to signing of indemnity forms!

In the effort to address the recent unrest within the SMUrugby team, SMUrugby President Sherman Yeo has issued all SMU players to fill in an indemnity form before taking to training tomorrow. The form is said to be used to inform all SMU players that they are to take full responsibility of their own safety and well being whenever they take to the field with fellow team-mate destroyer, Vicknesh Sellathurai.

One of the paragraphs in the form issued to the player reads,

"I hereby irrevocably undertake that I shall not, to the fullest extent permitted by the laws of Singapore, hold Vickneswaran S/O Sellathurai, SMU, its staff, officers, faculty, or any of its authorised agents responsible for any damage to Ankles in particular, or loss of property or any injury or loss of life which may be sustained by me during the activity or arising from any cause in connection with the activity where such damage to or loss of property or any injury or loss of life is not caused by the negligence of SMU, its staff, officers, faculty, or any of its authorised agent"

When Vicknesh Sellathurai was interviewed earlier today, the once evil-eyed forward looked tearful and spoke to SMUrugby News, "I don't know why I have been made a scapegoat, you can't blame me for being so strong and powerful. I mean....I mean I always give my 110% in all trainings and games. I didn't mean to kill...I mean hurt my own friends and team-mates.Really!"

An emotional Vicknesh also questioned the decision and actions of SMUrugby President, Sherman Yeo's call to action, questioning if the signing of indemnity forms was really necessary and said that ever since the breaking(no pun intended) news of the injuries that he dished out to both Sherman and Ben Teong, he has been left pretty much stranded alone in school. School mates/friends/team-mates/club mates that once used to hang out with him, have all seem to be keeping some distance from him ever since the two incidents.

Interestingly enough, RUMOUR HAS IT, that the latter has been spotted having a late night supper with some NUS boys last night at Arab Street. The SMU boy was reported to be seen high 5-ing former NUS Captain Shafiq Zulazmi and NUS star centre Muhd A'srie upon arriving at Arab Street and was reported to be all smiles and laughs with his 'new found friends', a sight that is quite a contrast to what was portrayed to us during our interview today.

This has sparked speculation that recent injuries to both Sherman and Ben, (both of which sustained ankle injuries, BOTH of which suffered in the hands of the same predator...) was not as simple as a mere coincidence.

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