Friday, September 26, 2008

Actions to be taken over foul-play

In light of the recent infamous incident during the SUNIG 7s Finals, both NUS and SMU's respective sports officers and Rugby Captains met on Tuesday to discuss the necessary and appropriate actions to be taken against the player. It is understood that a letter meant to be addressed to SRU, regarding the incident has already been sent. And perhaps a disciplinary hearing is set to be in place.

The latest news to date is the player has been dropped from the Singapore 7s squad, which is set to travel up to Hong Kong next week for the World Cup 7s qualifier. Whether the drop is due to the incident, or due solely to the national coach’s selection criteria, is unknown. Whatever the case, the player is paying for his actions one way or the other.

On the university level, the incident is still under investigation and SMU is likely to follow up closely with the player and to take the appropriate actions. However, both parties have at the moment left the case in the hands of the Singapore Rugby Union (SRU), and will wait for them to make the first line of recommendation for discipline.

In an interview with Sports Officer of SMUrugby, Andrew Tam, We are torn…cause he is our player and we want to strike a balance of educating him of his mistakes and taking a firm hand with the consequences he has to face…we hope he understands the position he has put us in and that whatever disciplinary action taken against him, he will have to accept it.”

Also expressing his view was senior SMUrugby player, Amos Siow who said, “Whatever it is we hope this episode will be resolve quickly and smoothly, and that he will learn and grow from this…As a national player, he is expected to be a role model for others, and he has to learn to do that. As good as he might be, it is important to keep a level head on his shoulders…this is something we feel should apply not just to him alone, but to all of our players.”

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