Thursday, September 11, 2008

Injury woes for SMU

With less than 2 weeks to the Singapore University Games 7s (SUNIG) that is set to take place on the 21st September, the City Boys have been looking a tad bit depleted ever since successfully defending their Bowl in the recently concluded Blacks Midnight 10s.

The team has been seeing many of their players walking wounded, from slings to clutches and god forbid if anyone should start coming to school in wheelchairs! But injuries are injuries...and while the City Boys have been rumored to be pitted as favorites to win the SUNIG 7s, injuries to a number of players are starting to cause some doubts and worries in the City camp. With current President Sherman Yeo already hobbling around in clutches due to a broken ankle, which was sustained in a National Under 23 club game, (of which for those of you who are new to the blog or have not read our previous posts, the injury was dished out personally by own SMU team mate Vicknesh Sellathurai...yea that mama.He was playing for the opposing team at that time of the match, Bucks.) injuries to both last season's president and vice president Amos Siow and Lionel Poh have since added to the injury list, both sustaining injuries in the Midnight 10s. And if that was not enough, on Wednesday night a call from Bucks team representative called in to report of a mishap to SMU's flanker, who is currently taking lessons on learning how to run straight in a rugby game, Benjamin "Slayer" Teong.

Apparently, the injury was sustained during Ben's club training, when a training game of rugby league turned out to be more of an opportunity for more SMU boys to get injured. Reports told us, the Slayer was running with the ball (apparently he was still running sideways - but never mind that for now), when an unknown Dark Force came over him and smack the living daylights out of him. To finish that off, apparently this Big Dark Force decided to take the chance to jump and sit on Ben's trembling ankle and proceeded to do a Ken Shamlock submission ankle lock!! But, if that was bad news, knowing who was responsible and is this Big Dark Force made it worst. This Black Dark Force was none other than the person who takes great pride in proclaiming that he is the one that put current SMU president Sherman out of action for the season, Vicknesh Sellathurai.

Ever since hearing the news, the SMUrugby board of discipline is seriously considering on taking action before this onslaught within the SMU team gets out of hand. To remove the threat of any further injuries, rumor has it! that Vicknesh is going to be slapped with a 2 weeks' wage fine and to issue yet another pubic apology.

Meanwhile, last night, SMUrugby decided to pay a visit to the wounded Slayer and asked him what he thought of club and school teammate Vicknesh and if he held any hard feelings, Ben replied, "I do not think he(Vicknesh) has a personal vendetta, but I do think that people should start signing indemnity forms before they stepped into the field with him".

Lastly, we leave with clips from our exclusive interview with the Slayer...

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