Tuesday, September 30, 2008

SMUrugby-News.com turns 1

Today marks a special occasion for SMUrugby, as we commemorate SMU-rugbynew.blogspot.com's 1st anniversary. Exactly, 1 year ago, the idea to follow suit NTU's (then popular) trend of blogging about their team's news and spills was finally materialise.

Ever since our very first post on the 30th Sept 2007, the blog has recorded 135 posts and has received a good return of slightly over 25,000 views. Although in terms of viewership, we're still behind the NTU's rugby blog, SMUrugby News has received many great feedback from fellow readers and will like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for your great support.

Please continue to hit the refresh button every day, and to check out for the latest news with SMUrugby. We hope to continue providing you a steady flow of bullshit, with flashes of serious reports in between, random gossips and what have you.

Here's your faithful crew:
Main Operator: Chew Yin Xiang (Mouth)
Writer ams: Amos Siow
Writer ben teong: Benjamin Teong
Writer vicky: Vicknesh Sellathurai
Writer matty: Matthias Lim [warning: for lack of posts]
Writer weiming: Lim Weiming [warning: for lack of posts, but excused for the moment]
Soon to be terminated Writer zhi: Gay Zhi Cong
SMUrugby News is currently looking for any interested candidates to contribute to the blog
Requirements: Committed and willing to cover stories on the SMUrugby team. Applicants will be given a trial before being officially appointed.

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Imago Dei said...

ben teong shld be sacked immediately!