Thursday, September 18, 2008

Singapore University Games Rugby 7s

Could history repeat itself?

Singapore University Games 7s
Date: 21st September 2008
Time: 9am - 6 pm
Venue: NUS Rugby Field

The stage is all set and the players are all ready to go. Singapore will witness its first ever Singapore University Games 7s Rugby tournament on Sunday. With all 4 universities coming together to compete this year, this tournament promises to be one that you will not want to miss.

With SMU pitted as one of the favorites for the tournament, many are casting their doubts if the City Boys can actually secured this title. The last time the City Boys won a 7s tournament, was back in 2006 in the NUS Invitational 7s, on the very same ground. However, players and coaches are taking a cautious approach to the SUNIG 7s, as many can still taste the bitterness of defeat that they suffered to NUS in last year's SMU ringEmail 7s Semi Finals, where NUS knocked them out of the Cup tournament.

"We are very aware of the talents and the strength of each team, NTU and NUS are not to be estimated and in a game of 7s, its really any body's game. One lapse of concentration we might find ourselves 14-0 down...our boys will really have to stay focus and not get ahead of ourselves this Sunday." said vice-president Chew Yin Xiang.

NTU will be boosted with former ACS(I) sensation Xue Ren Han, a player who is well known for his bag of tricks and his flair-ish plays, the fly-half will certainly be an integral part of the team which the Boon Lay Warriors will be relying heavily on. Adding to the wealth of experience will also be Daniel 'Potato' Thiam, who will definitely be trying to get even with the City Boys after being part of the Bedok Kings team that lost to SMU in the Blacks Midnight 10s.

NUS will certainly be well-drilled once again. Having extended the contracts of Mr Adrian Chong and Jock, the team has been taking this tournament very seriously, training rigorously 3 times a week and even having a Mini 7s tournament last week. The team will certainly look to National 7s star, Muhd A'srie to make the breaks and Mohd Raihan to weave his magic.

SIM will be featuring in the school rugby scene for the first time, but while the team is raw and unheard of, many are keeping a watchful eye over the team that is coached by SCC's coach, Damien Pierera. One man to watch out for will be Alex Chua, who has shown great form and talent over the years.

Lastly, SMU will be going all out to win this tournament, fielding nothing less than their best team. While this year's Tri-Uni Champions are missing players like National 7s player, Desmond Wee and clinical finisher, Lorenzo Escano, the team will be hoping to put in a good performance . The City Boys have been struggling over the past few weeks in their preparation for the tournament, and the lack of a proper training ground has shown to be quite a big hurdle that the team has had to deal with.(not to mention Vicknesh going round breaking everyone's ankles) However, the City Boys will definitely be giving it their best shot and look forward to putting their hands on the first official Singapore University Rugby title.

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