Sunday, February 24, 2008

Match Day Highlights

As the dust settles on SMU's emphatic 23-10 victory over NUS at RI, marking the end of SMU Rugby's season for 2007/08, let us now look back on some of the highlights of this special day.

Slayer of the Year: A Whole New Definition to Psyching Up

Spectators for the mouth-watering clash between SMU & NUS were taught a heartwarming and inspiring lesson in "switching it on" by the city boys flanker Ben Teong. Sources revealed that
Ben aka the New Slayer (Goodbye Beyonce), got so turned on and psyched up that his shorts got a little too wet for comfort. Speculation was rife that it might not be a simple case of just perspiration.

When pressed for comments, Ben Teong insisted that it was a secret ritual and refused to give any details. Nevertheless, his method proved to be highly effective. The mobile flanker was amongst the first to every breakdown and put on a show that truly 'slayed' the opposition. Kudos to g(w)ank-ster Teong! At press time, it was revealed that coaches from all over SG are in talks with Teong's agent to get the man himself to teach them a trick or two in turning their team on.

The Roar of an Animal

During his post match review of the victory, President, Amos Siow drew strong emotions from the SMU boys. It was reported that in his heartfelt and last teamtalk as President, Amos touched on issues that were close to the hearts of the boys. The reminder of SMU's humble beginnings as the whipping boys and the progress made thus far even brought tears to the eyes of some of the more senior players who have been there, got owned.

Sources also noted that the usually cool Amos acknowledged his shortcomings and refused credit for the team's performance, conferring it instead on the members of the 2007/08 team. It was a heartwarming session of pure humility. This was one of the 'it' moments where the true beauty of human nature shone true.

In a rare display of humanity, Shen Sijie 'the Animal' mustered the courage to speak of his admiration and gratitude to the outgoing President to the surprise of his teammates: "Amos always thanks everyone and I think that the greatest thanks should be reserved for him. Without Amos, we will be nowhere near where we are today!"

The team displayed their agreement through a rousing round of applause for the now sheepish Amos Siow. This would so be a kodak moment.....

Who said animals were heartless? Certainly not us, the folks here at SMU Rugby News.


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