Sunday, February 3, 2008

Match Report: SMU vs NUS

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At, we have attempted to always give you the best stories, the most accurate rumors and match reports, with the most neutral of perspectives. But should we have to go into details of this game, I'm afraid that might all be thrown out of the window.

So we will let the numbers speak for themselves.


Score: 7-8

Tries: Daniel Marc Chow
Conversion: Amos Siow

Tries: Jonathan Chen
Penalty: Valmiki C Nair

SMU had 3 disallowed tries
SMU and NUS had 1 player sinned bin.
SMU's standoff received 4 late tackles that the referee claim to have not seen
Both sides agreed that the Referee was a complete shocker.

(We will stop here as the list could go on and it certainly doesn't look pretty)

The game was everything it was predicted to be. Close, intense, and memorable, with both sides showing the hunger to win. In the end, 1 point was all the difference to it. The scoreline was 0-0 at half time and NUS were first to score through National winger Jonathan Chen. (0-5) NUS captain Shafiq Zulazmi, failed to convert and gave SMU a fighting chance.

From the restart, SMU fought back with great spirit and were finally finally finally given a try when Daniel Marc Chow dived over the line for his second of the tournament. (5-5) SMU's fullback Amos Siow made the conversion and gave SMU the much needed lead (7-5).

Towards the end of the game, SMU was continuously penalized for various infringements. After having had 3 attempts at goal, NUS finally made it count with the 4th attempt, with NUS's kicker Valmiki C Nair slotting it between the posts.

Giving NUS it's first victory of the tournament 8-7.

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