Tuesday, February 19, 2008

SMU going 'all-in'

@RI Rugby Field
5pm Kickoff
23rd February 2008, Saturday

Its a 'do or die' situation for the City Boys and you can be sure it will be no less than a war. SMU will hope to avenge for the bitter defeat they suffered to NUS the last time. With some of SMU's key players set to miss the fixture, do no rule out an extraordinary effort from the team, who will like nothing but to secure their first victory against NUS. Both sides will be throwing all they have at each other to determined who will be crown this year's Tri-Uni champions.

Tricky thing for the City Boys, even if they win the game with a bonus point, it might not guarantee them the Championship, as NUS still has a game in hand against NTU.

What did we tell you? This Tri-Universities was always going to be close.

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