Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Lionel Poh leaves for Holland

Today, SMUrugby saw Vice President Lionel "robber' Poh leave for Holland on a 6 month 'training stint' at Maastricht University. The player, who had the honors to captain the City Boys against NUS, was sad to leave, especially having suffered a narrow defeat to NUS.

Headlines in various rugby tabloids spoke of how the 'robber' Poh was literally robbed a victory against NUS, preventing him from having a sweet finish to his final appearance, for SMU this season. When interviewed after the game, a clearly frustrated and disappointed Poh said,

"I'm proud of the boys today, we fought hard and really deserved to have come away with a better result. Nevertheless, I believe the boys will continue to train hard and work towards securing our first ever 15s Championships!"

The inspirational flanker whose presence will be sorely missed by the SMU team, insist that one man does not make a team,

"Amongst us, there are many great players who could slot in for my place...I wish I could stay to finish this season, but....but...its too late (to's too late)"

Meanwhile, from SMUrugby, we bid our Vice-President all the best in his Europe "stint" and we hope to bring you good news at the end of the Tri-Universities.
Thank you for the outstanding performance this whole season.

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