Wednesday, August 10, 2011

SMU Undergrads v SMU Alumni

On the 6th of August, SMU Undergraduates hosted the inaugural Alumni v Undergraduates Tournament at their spiritual home, CCAB Bukit Timah. Having been in the pipeline for several years, this tournament was widely anticipated. After months of close collaboration between the Alumni and the Undergraduates, the tournament was organised.

It was a day of significance in SMU Rugby's history with several legends returning 'home', such as DM(Dniel-Marc Chow), Amos Siow and many others. It was a chance for the Undergraduates to prove their mettle and worth against opponents who had themselves won the University rugby tournaments multiple times. The young team did not disappoint drawing 1 game and winning the remaining 3 to end as the best team.

Further re-inforcing the SMU Rugby family was the post tournament buffet which brought the alumni and undergraduates together in a less abrasive and competitive environment. Capping the whole event, President of SMU Rugby Stuart Ho had this to say, "It was humbling to b in the presence of so many alumni. This day has truly brought us back to our roots and we would like to thank the alumni for setting the platform for SMU Rugby to have reached such heights."

SMU Rugby would like to thank all the alumni for coming down and allowing this important event to gain a foothold. We would also like to reserve special thanks for DM, for taking the time to help plan the tournament, and our team manager Andrew Aaron Tam for facilitating the planning and sponsoring the buffet.

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