Monday, July 18, 2011

SRU 7s - Results

After 2 hard days of playing the top club sides of Singapore, SMU Rugby emerged 8th out of 12 Teams with a record of 2 Wins and 4 Losses.

Day 1 ended with 1 Win and 2 Losses. SMU ended the day with a close loss to SCC Gold, losing 19-14 with tries scored by speedsters Stuart Ho and Bryan Ng. SMU also pushed eventual Champions the Police Hurricanes, eventually losing out 31-12 with tries to Bryan.

Day 2 began with a strong victory against the Bedok kings, SMU winning 26-12, 2 tries scored by Bryan and one each to Nicholas Hwang and Jesse Quek. This was followed by 3 close losses.

Captain Wang En Jian was pleased with good showings against quality sides, "We came here today to test our play and we have showed that we can keep to our structure and our defence was satisfactory. However we still have a long way to go as shown by the other results. We must push ourselves to the brink of exhaustion and not hold back anything in reserve."

Coach Hairul was also satisfied by the 2 days' hardwork, "Good Weekend boys. Lets keep up the trainings and improve wherever we are lacking. We did well against quality sides and have one of the better attacks in the tournament. More Gym and Field work needed though!"

SMU Rugby thanks all supporters for coming down and cheering the boys on.

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