Monday, August 22, 2011

Quek warned for drunken antics

Is Jesse Quek the new bad boy of SMU Rugby?

Summer signing, Jesse Quek, has added more misery to the pile of disciplinary violations from the City Boys. The former Saints player was apparently found piss drunk on a patch of grass with his girlfriend early Monday morning. Initial reports stated that a good samaritan came to the aid of Jesse and his girlfriend, sending them home. An inside source told SMURugby that "Jesse (Quek) was desperately looking for some supper but because his legs couldn't make it to the nearby prata shop, he just decided to graze at the nearby grass patch."

When interviewed, Jesse - still slight shell shocked from the incident - just said, "I'm just glad my ass is still in one piece. It does feel a bit weird but I should be fine" (WTF Jesse?!)

This piece of news comes on the back of former AC superstar, Shah Boo's 'sticky hands' fiasco. With just a month to SUNIG, it is not surprising that head coach, Hairul Naim, was left fuming at this incident. Quek has however found some support in the form of his teammates.

Team president Stuart Ho had this to say, "I think it's perfectly fine. Grazing on different grass patches is absolutely normal. Personally I love the grass patch at Geylang, Kallang but if Jesse loves the ones at Zouk, please don't judge the fella, to each his own." It might also be noteworthy that Ho recently made a personal pledge to bring the sleaze back to SMU Rugby. We await to see what he has up his sleeve.

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