Thursday, August 25, 2011

Stuart tries to outdo Bryan

Fans will recall that just 3 years ago on this day, former national player (and birthday boy) Bryan Ng took to the SMU stage dressed in a half aladdin wannabe suit. And with the popularity that comes with being a City Boy, it was no surprise then that Bryan 'Leonidas' Ng emerged victorious.

Check out those leggings!

3 years on, current club president - Stuart Ho - in a desperate attempt to make waves for the club has decided to take the leap of faith. Dressed in his shoddy 5 dollar a pop emo boy attire, the leggings clad rugby star has signed up for Bondue Night in his one shot at stardom on the fashion stage. When interviewed, Stuart said "It is about time all of us stopped living in the shadow of Bryan, I will step up to the plate and show the school who's boss." When quizzed about his unique choice of fashion, "The clothes I wear represent who I am deep down inside. I have always wanted to wear make up, leggings and tight latex pants. I'm glad I finally have a chance to show the world my true self." The club wishes Stuart 'Latex' Ho all the best - may you win our first piece of silverware for the year.

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