Monday, November 9, 2009

The Prodigal Son Returns

Eugene Wee returns home, finally.

Scouted and signed 2 years ago, Eugene Wee is finally paying dividends in the faith and belief that the coaching panel placed in him. The former ACS winger had previously decided to hang up his boots, citing that he has had 'enough rugby to last him for a lifetime'. Back then, the speedster broke the hearts of many of his adoring fans - especially those who were desperately waiting to see him don SMU colours for the senior side - hanging up rugby boots to play handball.(wtf!)

Labelled as a 'bad-boy' and 'want-away' in 2008, Wee announced his return in the summer of 2009 citing a 'desire for some rough manly action'. When probed about the possibility of Wee breaking into the first team, Coach Hairul said, "Yes, it is a possibility. But Eugene spent a year away engulfed in a life of excessive sex, booze and drugs. It will take a while for us to get him back into shape. The lad has loads of talent but we need to work on his fitness issues."

Eugene who featured in SUNIG 2009 still displayed the same wicked speed that tormented sides back in his day - an amazing feat considering being out of training for so long. When probed about the secret to his speed, Eugene said 'A wank a day makes me fly away!'.

Wee was recently called up for the IRAUG 2009 senior side.

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