Friday, November 20, 2009

Kong following cousin's footsteps?

It seems that the recent Eugene Wee saga has opened a can of worms, and early this morning, first-team winger Daniel Kong followed in the footsteps of his cousin by posting about his personal life on Facebook. It has since emerged that Kong has found another side to himself - declaring that he has a liking for men.

In an exclusive interview with Kong, who celebrates his 21st birthday today by skipping training, Daniel gave SMU Rugby a breakdown and intricate details of his life off the field even stating that he was 'one up on his cousin' because he 'enjoys the best of both worlds'.

When probed about the fierce intra-family rivalry between himself and Wee, Daniel said "It's a stupid question about who's better and who's not. Look at our last few games and tell me who starts. Look at my facebook profile and tell me who has more hits. Look at us when we strut around school and see who turns more heads, both guys and girls. When you look at every aspect, there is no competition."

However, it has emerged that the news has not sat well with everyone. For one, Eugene Wee was livid upon hearing the news - with our sources telling us that Wee was caught repeatedly screaming the line - "There can only be one poker in the team!!!".

Daniel Kong was signed in the summer of 2009. A former national javelin champion, Kong has since picked up the sport quickly and developed into one of the oustanding young talents of SMU Rugby. Kong has since cemented his position in the 7s first team squad and was recently called up to the IRAUG 2009 squad.

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