Thursday, November 12, 2009

Eugene Wee Comes Clean

The truth is out!

After months of constant speculation from both fans and teammates, Eugene Wee has finally come out with the truth. In a shocking turn of events, Eugene Wee chose to make the announcement on popular social networking site - Facebook, about his relationship with fellow teammate Alvin Wong.

The last few months have seen the duo grow increasingly close, and whilst the news has shocked many, there is a handful who saw this coming. Fullback Wang Enjian told SMURugbyNews, "I knew it. It was long coming. There were times when I noticed that their tackles on each other were coated with a bit too much of a sexual touch. We all had our suspicions, and all Eugene did was make it official. I wish the duo all the best."

Our sources, who revealed the details on the condition of anonymity, said that the pair was last seen having a romantic meal at The Line, Shangri-La when the speedy winger, who recently got his fair share of media attention, popped the question. And of course, who is Alvin to reject the advances of the SSU President?

Love is in the air!

The duo becomes the first couple ever in SMU Rugby's history, breaking a long-standing tradition of no relationships between fellow players.

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