Friday, September 11, 2009

SMU Rugby clinches deal with EA Sports

An artist impression of the new Rugby 08

On Wednesday night, the City Boys clinched a new deal with EA Sports to co produce an SMU version of Rugby 08. The new deal, which was signed at an undisclosed fee, promised to be sufficient for Coach Rong to continue his recruiting ways in the coming season. EA Sports had previously approached the management with the proposal after watching a few scintillating performances put up by the City Boys.

In an exclusive interview with Coach Rong, he had this to say. "The boys were all very excited about who was going to be on the cover. Traditionally the SMU-Rugby 08 cover would be given to the most prominent player that represents us both on and off the field. In the weeks leading up to the selection, there was healthy competition between our boys. We only pick the very best even though we had many candidates, and we hope that all players will respect our final decision."

Rumour has it that in the running for favourite to grace the cover is first-team prop, Matthias Lim. The fitness maestro was recently called up to the Singapore A side after putting up some outstanding performances especially in the Tournoi Des 5 Ballons where he took his Spanish opposition for a dance before burning him senseless.

Bryan taking off his shirt, determined to prove a point

The apparent selection of Matthias for the Rugby 08 Cover has, however, not sat well with everyone in the team. For one, current Vice-President and the 2008 bad boy of Singapore Rugby, Bryan Ng, was not shy in expressing his unhappiness. When interviewed and asked why he felt he should have been picked, Bryan stared us down before lifting his shirt and declaring he had 8 good reasons. It seems that Bryan's defiant ways in not respecting the management's decision will not sit well with both Coach Rong and newly appointed President Derek Chan. Will there be strife amongst the City Boys? And what effect will this have on their preparations for the upcoming SUNIG? Only time will tell.

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